CSCA Public Key Certificates

Vatican City State - Holy See

CSCA certifies both Document Signers (DS) and Security Object DS sign (SOD). This last one is stored in the e-document. The current certificate of the DS, which contains its own public key, is also included in the SOD

The distinguished name of the CSCA is

The CSCA key pair is used to issue Document Signer certificates.
DER encoded certificates for the CSCA public keys can be found below.

Certificate Rollover

The next rollover of the CSCA certificate is planned for 26 May 2023

CURRENT main public key

Main Public Key Certificate (Certificate 01 March 2018) available as self-signed certificate, and as link certificate, verifiable by the previous public key:

SELF-SIGNED CERTIFICATE of the main public key has the SHA-1 fingerprint

The LINK CERTIFICATE of the main public key has the SHA-1 fingerprint

Previous Public Key Certificate
Distinguished name C=VA, O=Vatican State, OU=Secretariat of State, CN=CSCA
ID = ad a9 07 a4 55 ab c1 31 26 97 22 b5 bb 50 21 03 db 28 b6 fd

Certificate Revocation List (CRL)

The certificate revocation list is empty.
It is valid until 13 October 2021.
It can be downloaded from here:

CSCA contacts

Segreteria di Stato - Secretariat of State - Secrétairerie d'État
Ufficio del Protocollo - Protocol Office - Service du Protocole
fax +39.06.6988.5514 - E-mail:
PA.C.E. - SdS Officium